Tom’s twaalf wetten

door Vulpius

Vandaag ergens gelezen: Tom Hoobyar geeft ons twaalf regels om succesvol en gelukkig te leven. Ze zijn niet allemaal even conventioneel, zoals bijvoorbeeld nummer zes: ““Obligations are a fraud”:

We waste an incredible amount of time either doing things we don’t want and don’t have to do, or feeling guilty because we didn’t do something we “should” have done. We also waste a lot of time and emotion being disappointed when we don’t get what we expect from others.

Freedom lies in the other direction.

The truth is, you don’t owe anyone anything and they don’t owe anything to you. This is all part of the “guilt” thing. It’s good for us to give to others, but ONLY when and how we choose.

The difference between free people who master their lives and those who are slaves is easy to spot.

Who sets their priorities?

Free people set their own priorities, while “slaves” allow them to be set by outsiders.

Your life belongs to you and you alone – and not anyone else. Want a formula for unhappiness? Make your welfare dependent upon someone else’s choices. Do you need “support” from those you love? Or approval from a parent or friend? Or permission from anybody to pursue your own path?

En mijn favoriet? Nummer drie: “What you think about most is what you get”.