How to manipulate people

door Vulpius

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Emotion vs. Logic

The easiest way to manipulate people—especially Americans—is by playing on their emotions. If you let people think too much they’re more likely to make a logical choice.

Master Your Own Emotions

Ideally your target won’t have an exceptional amount of control over their emotions, but that doesn’t mean you get to be lazy. A master manipulator needs to be able to act.

Be Charming and Flirt Often

But you can’t just cry and throw tantrums whenever you want something—people have to like you. Charm is an important part of manipulating people. If you’re ridiculously likable most of the time, when you react with extreme emotion it’ll have a greater impact.

Overcome Trust Issues and Heal Doubt

People who’ve been manipulated a number of times before are generally on the lookout for this kind of behavior and don’t trust people easily, so you need to watch for signs. If you believe trust is an issue, the quickest way around that problem is to share something very personal and very private with the target.
The biggest enemy you’ll have when trying to manipulate another person is doubt. If they don’t notice something fishy about your behavior, they might start to notice that they’re not acting like themselves. Save any negativity for a necessary emotional outburst. Positivity is always your best friend when trying to convince people to do what you want. Negative manipulation should only be used when necessary. Too much negativity will make you an ineffective manipulator.

Conceal Evil in Altruism

It can be very hard to hate an altruist and so it’s very effective to paint yourself as one. For example, if you yell at your target for not doing something you wanted, it’s better to frame the outburst as a means of helping them. You can apologize for the outburst and tell them you felt they weren’t acting in their best interest. You’re sorry you got so emotional, but you care about them and want the best for them and it scares you to think that they don’t have their best interests at heart.

What to Do If You’re Discovered

Many novice manipulators make the mistake of resorting to the tactics described above when they’re discovered. If you’re caught, be a normal and calm person. Let them be in control of the situation, and don’t defend yourself. Once you’re in the hole of being caught, the only way to get out is create doubt—the kind of doubt that benefits you—in the mind of your target.

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