Every bit counts

door Vulpius

What is capitalism?
Entitlement? 1%? The feeling that you can build a bunker to hide in when the oceans rise?

What is socialism?
Togetherness? Caring for each other. Or scraping by with a few dollars each month?
Hope. Hope that your kids can have some meat next month instead of a bag of *corporate entity here* crisps and fast food?

What is communism?
A dream that failed? Maybe one that we can revisit now with the latest advent of AI? Central planning seems to work well for Walmart, Amazon, Alibaba.

Someone that has nothing to lose can walk a rope and fail. Fall softly, and try again. Someone that has everything to lose cannot fall. Must not fall. You get one go. You fall into spikes. You die.

That is the difference.

Every bit counts. Every dollar saved. Every euro spent. A twenty, or ten-quid is nothing. You buy coffee. For us, it is everything. Every month we calculate. We worry. We try.

It is not about trying hard enough.

It is not about a dream.

It is an illusion you have created.

And a good one at it. What is it you have created. A perfect system. The end goal of any system in place today is to reach a point where you’re capable to say: I’ve made it — I’ve escaped the system, I’m free.

Now it’s my time to oppress you suckers.

Every bit counts. Until it doesn’t. Let’s be honest. You’ll never get there. But in this pursuit, the masses can be happy. They live, they die, they buy. You’ve had kids, a garden, the good life (TM).

Not a great system, but the best we have? Bullshit.

P.S.: anarchy: bullshit. Nature will take us all.